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  • Cashew Nuts

Cashew has a rich composition of nutrients: it contains a lot of protein and fat with a lot of useful polyunsaturated fatty acids. Magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, vitamins, fiber and many other components are not only necessary for our body to eat, but also help in the prevention of many diseases. Cashew kernels have strong antiseptic, antibacterial, tonic properties. A natural brain stimulant helps to expand its capabilities.

Nuts are superior in nutritional composition to many fruits and even berries. The use of nuts allows the prevention of heart disease and remove toxic substances from the body.

Nuts are a great addition to vegetarian food. However, you should not use them very much - high calorie content can affect weight. You can eat no more than one handful of nuts per day. They perfectly saturate and allow you to control your appetite.

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Cashew Nuts

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